March 27, 2023
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उर्फी जावेद ने स्ट्रिंग पर फिक्स फ्रंट ओपन टॉप पहनकर कराया बोल्ड फोटोशूट, वायरल हुआ वीडियो

Actress Urfi Javed has made a lot of headlines these days with her songs. Urfi Javed’s latest song has become very popular on social media. People are also liking this song of her. Urfi Javed continues to blow people’s senses every day with her unique avatar. But Urfi Javed is also a troll for her fashion sense. But that doesn’t make any difference to Urfi. She wears her clothes of her own free will. Every of her pictures and videos are fiercely viral on social media. Now recently a video of Urfi is becoming very viral on social media.

This video has been shared by InstantBollywood on its Instagram account. In this video, Urfi Javed is seen in an orange top, along with it she has also carried blue colored jeans. Urfi has done glossy makeup here and has made a high ponytail of hair. Urfi is looking stunning in this look.

Actually, in this video, Urfi Javed is standing in front of the camera and giving a very hot pose. Now this video is spreading like fire on social media. Urfi she is making people crazy with her cute style. Fans have fiercely liked and commented on this video. One user wrote – Urfi looks cute, while another user wrote – Nice outfit.

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UK 360 News

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